2006 Lummis Day Festival: June 4, 2006

“Northeast L.A. Gets A Holiday of it’s Own”—Arroyo Seco Journal

Nobody knew quite what to expect, but despite blistering temperatures and that soared into the high-90’s, an audience of  about 1,000 attended the first Lummis Day Festival’s programs at Lummis House and Sycamore Grove Park.

 The day began with readings at Lummis House by poets B.H. Fairchild, Kate Gale, William Archila and Suzanne Lummis.  At Sycamore Grove Park, musical performers included East L.A. -based Quinto Sol, Grammy nominated Cuban musician Juan-Carlos Formell, Highland Park’s Severin Browne and Filipino folk artists Pamana Rondalla.  Dance performances included the Aztec dancers Danza Azteca Cuahtlehuanitl, Tongva-Gabielino Native Dancers and Ballet Coco.

Eight Northeast L.A. galleries exhibited work by over a dozen artists.

The event was MC’d by KPFK Radio’s Tanya Torres Mayahuel.

Following the event, local newspaper The Boulevard Sentinel ran a banner headline: “Lummis Day A Success.”  Most people in the Northeast L.A. community agreed, and planning began almost immediately for a second festival.

2006.communitytablesatLummisDay.photoby Michelle Clarke.jpg
Ballet coco - Lummis day festival 2006

Ballet coco - Lummis day festival 2006